CBD Instagram Growth And Influencer Marketing

If you are from a CBD company or own a dispensary and looking for increasing sales by advertising your CBD product on social media, your first question might be if you can advertise your CBD product on Instagram. Major social media companies, including Facebook and its fledgling company Instagram, have been fighting to prevent CBD products marketing on their pages. Facebook, however, has announced to relax the ban on CBD products marketing. So yes, you can try to advertise your CBD products, including CBD oil, on Instagram. Sadly, you are more likely to get your account banned or get your posts removed in the best case scenario because these platforms are still strict about the kinds of ads you can post on their pages. Since your options are very limited, it takes a few legal loopholes, and just a little creativity to use platforms like Instagram as your market for CBD products.

CBD Instagram Growth

We shall tell you some tricks about CBD Instagram growth below.

Stick To Posts

Paid advertisements for CBD products are not allowed as per Instagram’s policy. The regular posts that might advertise your product are not inhibited. The risk of getting shadow-banned here still exists if you say something wrong, which is what usually happens. However, you can target your desired audience and promote your CBD product among them with a few well-worded posts. Let’s take a news article from a neutral publisher as an example. Publish a news article that highlights the benefits of CBD. This might encourage users to search around CBD cartridges and products, eventually leading them towards you.

Influencer Marketing

Out of all types of digital marketing, the most controversial and the fastest-growing is influencer marketing. As per the claims, more than 17% of the companies are spending more than 50% of their marketing budget on it. An average influencer marketing, however, is more expensive than other means of paid media. The sole reason for that the Influencers bring the ‘trust factor’ to the table. There is a difference between seeing a banner and hearing it from a person you respect or trust. Trust always costs more. It is the same for Instagram influencer marketing, perhaps it is the most effective method on this platform, obviously because it comes from a trusted source. Technically you are asking a well-respected Instagram influencer to advertise your product on their Instagram page in exchange for a fee. The CBD marketing on Instagram, however, is somewhat tricky. You have to find someone who understands its value and doesn’t get into common misunderstandings and misconceptions about the products when it comes to the CBD Influencer marketing on Instagram. If you want the best of advantages, then there are many brands who endorse and advertise CBD based products. All you have to do is to do careful research on some of those sites. You’ll eventually end up finding a brand that will be happy doing business with you, as it will get mutual benefits.

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