CBD Bridge Advertising Guidelines

Even though Cannabis and CBD have given quite a flow of enthusiasm to the market and has become a product of global attraction and attention, the advertisement for these fantastic products is still often discouraged. The marketing for the CBD oil and other products is quite tricky and requires a perfect strategy for execution. Now, what are the Bridge Ads? Bridge ad is typically a strategic advertisement technique that mainly focuses on the brand awareness on the landing page, and then by redirecting the traffic to your brand’s website. Let me explain with an example. Years ago, it was prohibited to bring Cuban merchandise to the USA. How they got over this trouble was simple, the Cuban merchandised was shipped to France, and then it was shipped back to the USA.

Bridge Ads for CBD products work the same way. Just like the Cuban Merchandise, only the brand awareness for your CBD product is shown on the landing page, from where your potential customers are redirected to your main website, where the purchases are made.

Bridge Ads is a perfect way to navigate through the restrictions complying with the CBD marketing rules and regulations to effectively reach the targeted audience. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind before you start using the bridge Ads technique. They are discussed below.

Avoid Medical and Health Claims

 You may have often seen people making claims like CBD can be essential to cure and fight against known medical conditions, and diseases like arthritis, cancer, insomnia, epilepsy, and chronic pain. The food and Drug Administration (FDA) has never approved this. It is quite crucial and imperative for you to avoid making such medical claims that are not proven. Your marketing campaign will be taken down by the FDA otherwise, as it does not approve this.

Avoid Making Untested Assumptions

It is quite impossible to legally advise your customers about treating their specific medical conditions or disease with your CBD products. It is a job assigned to a doctor, not you. However, you can highlight the potential benefits of your product into a daily wellness and healthy routine. Let us make this simpler. You can use anything like reviews, posts or claims that are backed up by some reputable source, and avoid using anything that is not proven because you have read it somewhere, that doesn’t make it accurate.

Grow Content and Focus on SEO

The key to spreading your word and gaining popularity for your product lies in the content. Use content creation to build visual media, highlight all the potential benefits of your CBD product on Bridge Ad by producing quality content. This will lure more customers from your landing site to your main website where the purchases are made. Focus on SEO friendly content, and this will more effectively lure the desired and targeted audience to your landing page where the information is fed. The more organic traffic your landing page gets, the better chances for you to increase your sales with Bridge Ads.

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