Email marketing for CBD – Best practices

CBD is a commodity that has grasped the global attention of the market within a brief period. It is perhaps one of the most sophisticated markets around these days. However, marketing CBD brands and products are not that easy and straightforward like every other commodity, and there are several limitations and techniques that you need to keep in your mind before you market a CBD product. One wrong move and your campaign will go down. As a CBD brand, you must know that you have to lure more new clients as well as keeping your existing clients coming back. However, means of the market are quite expensive, and you don’t want to invest in a resource that is not going to deliver. But what is the solution for this? The answer is simple, Email Marketing. Cost-effectiveness is one thing, but email marketing has many other huge advantages over the alternatives. However, first, you need to know what Email marketing is.

In the following article, we will discuss email marketing along with its importance.


Email Marketing

When email marketing hits your mind, you might think of an old, outdated, and obsolete marketing technique, but let us tell you, do not discount it. The reason is quite simple, and the email inbox is one of the most popular places that your targeted audience will visit daily on the internet. Not only is it cost-effective but also one of the easiest and most effective ways to directly reach your targeted audience. The modern software on today’s date makes email marketing easy and straightforward. However, the most significant characteristic is its broad coverage, no matter what corner of the world is your customer in, and you can always interact with him through Email.

Why is Email Marketing Important?

There are quite a few reasons that make Email marketing an essential aspect for CBD oil and product marketing; they are as under.

  • Email is a reliable way to reach the audience who has said that they want to hear from you, unlike the alternative, such as social media, where you are at the mercy of their ever-changing algorithms. People can’t see your advertisements on Facebook/Instagram unless you pay for them. There is a good chance that your customer will see the content every time your send out an email to him.
  • Fighting against algorithms is not the only problem while marketing the CBD products of Social media, CBD products and oil are heavily restricted on all major social media platforms and search engines, and there is a lot of a grey area in there. There is a fair chance of getting your campaign disapproved anytime. On the other hand, Email is not restricted to CBD products and their marketing. If someone wants to get your CBD offers on Email, google won’t stop them.
  • If done correctly, email marketing can become a significant revenue generator for your brand and business. Although you have to think strategically on this one, let’s take upsells offers as an example. Offering complementary products to the customers on purchase can help you make them your permanent client. Announcing sales, company news, and new products are some of the many strategies that you can efficiently execute through Email marketing.


With so many unnecessary regulations and uncertainties coming along with the CBD products marketing, email marketing can be a significant aspect to make your marketing options secure and useful with all of its potential benefits.

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